I have had a lifelong affinity for both dogs and art. Growing up in a family full of artists, and believing the family dog was indeed my sister. I have specialized in pet portraiture since 2012. My experience as a dog trainer has aided in my ability to capture the individual personality of the pet. My knowledge of animal behavior gives me another sense of their spirit to add to the portrait. While I have explored other artistic endeavors, over a wide variety of subjects and media, it’s my connection with dogs that has enabled me to create such exceptionally insightful portraits.

My Abstract work represents the side of myself that doesn't get expressed very often. Therefore fleeting images of a moment in time where I may feel like I'm struggling. Where my mental health needs put in check. By using these strong emotions to guide my painting into a fully realized thought and picture. While some appear as landscapes, others take their own shape with bold colors and striking visuals. Acrylics allow me to finish thoughts off quickly and layer as I go, to build and rebuild the painting till it's completed. 

I have always loved fantasy, to imagine a world with fairie folk and lore. My illustrations are that of my dreams and visions of childhood. The watercolors allow a loose and organic flow, like that of nature. With fine ink pen details to bring the character to life.


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